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38 Piss, Scat, Art, Posing, Babe, Tits, Pussy, Toys videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!
Durante’s style is revolutionary. His photographs are explosions of color, style and composition. And his exclusive partnership with longtime muse, Idoia makes for a dynamic experience that is completely and utterly uninhibited. does everything for Luis and she is the sole subject of this work… image after image we are ensconced in Idoia’s angelic, doll-like beauty. But Durante melds this rapturous schoolgirl aura with brazen, sexual exhibitionism. Idoia exposes, props-up and postures her sex in almost every shot. The images of her fisting herself and playing with a variety of oversized sex toys is countered by shots of her frolicking like a delirious, carefree maiden in the woods. So beautiful, so innocent and at the same time, so unabashedly sexual, Idoia is a schoolgirl Cleopatra whom we cannot stop looking at. She’s hypnotic.