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Australian amatuer girls make awesome porn! Naked and wild these Aussies know how to have a good time. In solo girl masturbation, intense girl/girl and girl/boy sex – its so real it’s just like being there. Girls Out West continues to produce its unique amateur porn, a mix of solo girl, lesbian and hardcore boy girl action from real Australian amateur girls. These are mostly alternative types, not your catholic school girls. Girls Out West is one of the few porn sites out there that is owned, operated, and produced by women. The female perspective they bring to their erotica definitely impacts the content they produce, which stars real amateur girls from all over Australia. You’ll see their mix of lovable alt girls, tomboys, and down to earth girl-next-door types masturbating, kissing and having sex with each other, and getting into hardcore boy/girl action, too.
Looking for a different XXX perspective? Check out scenes featuring real Australian amateurs having sex without any fake scripts or phony encounters. These horny female couples enjoy real intimacy and love. This is a massive collection of high-quality videos with lesbian sex, solo action, and some straight couples. It’s also female-owned and opererated. Girls Out West is a site from Australia and now that Men At Work song from 1981 is stuck on repeat in my head. You know the one, “I come from a land Down Under.” And I don’t mind telling you that more than one of the Sheilas (Aussie slang for women) in this amateur porn collection cums from a hand down under. Sometimes it’s their own and other times it belongs to a female friend. Being an Australian site based around entirely natural amateur girls, Girls Out West obviously stands comparison to at least one massively successful site out there that doesn’t need mentioning. But in its own right it’s quite a unique venture and doesn’t focus on one particular age group whilst not being too afraid of showing some hardcore action either.
Bearing in mind that Australia has such a relatively small population; it’s quite an achievement to have drummed up such a large selection of amateurs. The mixture is a very pleasant one and there’s a very notable leaning towards girls who like to reject the notion of shaving themselves downstairs. The girls themselves mostly range in age from between 18 to 30, so the age range is fairly decent. You also get a nice range of hair color, body shapes, breast sizes etc. There’s also a superb range of action too – as mentioned above, there’s a fair amount of hardcore action here but undoubtedly the girl-girl action presents the larger side of things here. In its own right, Girls Out West is a thoroughly entertaining amateur site from start to finish featuring a really refreshing selection of girls and a marvelous array of content.