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This is a fun and original concept that takes making smoothies to a whole new level. There really isn’t any mystery behind what happens here. Sexy chicks make a delicious smoothie, pour it into their cavernous ass cracks, swirl it around as much as is possible, then push it out into a glass so that they can drink the delicious concoction down. Ass Smoothie interviews various porn stars – some of which accept to try out a delicious ass smoothie, which is exactly what it implies. The content is really good quality available in HD and obviously has a lot of focus on butts and ass holes. Not for people with a weak stomach though. The girls here literally make just that – they mix up a nice smoothie in their assholes before gulping down the whole lot! These are anal creampies with a BIG difference.
Okay, now who came up with THIS idea? Whoever it was I would like to meet he or she and shake them by the hand. Most people think that genius is developing some new scientific theory, but I rather think that it is coming up with a porn site like this. But is Ass Smoothie truly porn? I don’t know, maybe I’ll leaving that particular piece of theorising for a future blog entry. For now, let’s just analyse what we have here. Yes, these girls really do mix up a smoothie, pour into their asses, give it a good mix, and then pour into a glass before devouring the lot. It’s probably not how nutritional experts would recommend you make yourself such a drink, but that’s the way these girls choose to do it. As far as gimmick sites are concerned, Ass Smoothie probably has the right ingredients for success. This is so different that it’s bound to find plenty of favour. Is it hot? Or erotic? Or even porn? I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure is that fans of anal action will certainly find a breath of fresh air and originality here that they might not have expected to have ever seen!
There is this really nice smoothie bar across from my gym and after a good workout, I sometimes head on over there to hook myself up with a nutritious and delicious smoothie. This place is, however, a regular smoothie joint and not an Ass Smoothie establishment. Although, even if it was, I wouldn’t drink the product, but I would love to go watch them make it. AssSmoothie is an original concept, which is pretty rare for porn these days. These chicks mix up a smoothie in a blender, pour it in their asses, jump around to shake it up, push it out of their asses into a glass and then drink it. Ass Smoothie really comes down to whether you’re willing to fork over such a high price for so little content. If you just have to see a girl drink a smoothie out of her ass, it’s probably worth it. If you feel like you can wait, however, you may want to give them time to expand their content a bit more. The content however is pretty much flawless and actually delivers exactly what you will expect from a site with the name ‘Ass Smoothie’.