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RedLightSexTrips shows you the Amsterdam red light district in all it’s glory. Real amateurs visiting real hookers and we film it all for you. Bob and Rick take horny tourists from all over the world on a guided tour of some of the hottest prostitutes in Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District. Guys from all walks of life fill out a form describing their ideal escort, then their guides take care of all the details. The result? Some seriously hardcore amateur sex play straight from the streets. This is a great concept for a site. Travel to Amsterdam, pay the girls some extra money to allow you to film them, and then sell the sex videos online. Rick and Bob are the main sex tour guides in this all-exclusive niche site. They are experts when it comes to finding the best hot spots and the sexiest prostitutes.
Red Light Sex Trips is the heaven for those who dream about becoming sex tourists. This site is all about Amsterdam sex, and we all know how many men travel to Amsterdam just to fuck the fine bitches that can be found there. If you have that dream too, but it’s a bit hard to fulfill it at the moment, you should join this premium site. You will see how a session with a professional sex worked from Amsterdam goes. The site features hardcore porn movies with men from all over the world who are enjoying the hospitality of the Red Light District hookers. Read our Red Light Sex Trips review to find out more about this hot offer.
Red Light Sex Trips has some great reality style porn involving European tourists visiting Amsterdam’s famed red-light district to have sex with some of the local working girls. It’s a lot cheaper to check out this European porn site than it is to book a ticket to the Netherlands, so you can still enjoy the blowjobs and hardcore sex along with a bit of lesbian action here and there. Scenes start off in various locations throughout Amsterdam. Sometimes you see famous landmarks and tourist spots as the tour guides give the tourists the ins and outs of the Red Light District. Because they can’t actually film the girls in the red light district, they take them to a hotel, give them the money, and start the session. All of it is recorded on camera. If reality porn is your cup of tea or if you’re craving some hardcore fucking or if you’ve simply got a fetish for horny European hookers then RedlightSex Trips is exactly what you need in your life.