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Imagine laying on the floor, on your back, with a lady towering above you wearing only her bra, panties and stockings. You gaze upwards seeing her long legs and a glimpse of her vagina. You heart beating faster , she walks closer to you and stands over your face. Now you get a good view of her shaved pussy as its directly above you. She now bends her knees, squats and is now sitting on your face.
Facesitting fans, beware. Imagine you’re picking up a girl who seems like a regular hottie without anything special or fetish about her. And then bam, she turns out to be a facesitting freak, throws you on the floor and just uses your face in all the way she wants. This is the kind of feeling Amateur Facesitters recreates, with next door UK girls really enjoying sexy smothering.
Good times for lovers of all sorts of special porn a bit out of the ordinary are still here, don’t you think? We find out about great niche sites almost every day, and of course right as soon we do, we profile this site for our readers here. Today we have a very special site for you to check out. Pay attention, especially if you are into kinky queening, frisky facesitting and sexy smothering. Amateur Facesitters literally takes facesitting themed porn out of some faux dungeons and commercial porn locations straight into real life homes and everyday apartments. You must know it’s the British who you turn to for certain special kinds of erotica, like CFNM – or facesitting too for that matter. There is something special about these slightly weird guys across the pond which makes them the best producers of certain kinds of fetish porn ever. Yes, Amateur Facesitters comes from the UK, and when you’ll hear these beautiful but real women telling their men to shut up and get down with that sexy British accent, your knees will surely start to tremble. Amateur Facesitters is all about making facesitting erotica experience as close to real life as possible, with next door girls and guys, real flats – and realistic scenarios, too. Preview their videos on the tour page, the site really aims to look real, raw and amateur, and you’ll see how differently this place is structured right away.
Amateur Facesitters is really amateur and it’s really about adventurous girls who are so much into facesitting you won’t believe it. The site offers an authentic and engaging experience bringing next door girls and eager men in some of the most believable and action-packed facesitting episodes ever. This stuff comes from the UK, so you know it’s top notch shit. Get your facesitting fetish thrills and watch gorgeous girls from next door tower over willing men and make that filthy male face their bitch. We can hardly imagine smothering erotica getting any more gripping than this. See how diverse and exciting all this stuff is, now!