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Jay Romero casually glances in on Charly Phoenix, his stepmother who is masturbating with gusto. When Charly peeks at him, Jay Romero tries not to look. Charly tells Jay that he will help her. Jay fails to understand his stepmother’s instructions to open the drawer. Charly, however, makes it clear that she wants Jay to go to her dildo. Jay resists again but Charly insists on Jay helping her.
Charly lies down on her stomach and tells Jay that she will take the toy. Sharlie, in her underwear, moaning and all, is an amazing sight that will excite any man. Jay was delighted when Sharlie reached for him to touch him. Charly places Jay on her back and demands that Jay touch her big, sexy tits. Charly takes Jays cock from his underwear and gets to work sucking him with a slow blowjob. Next, she gets on top of Jays cock and slides her long thong to his side. She lets him ride her big tits while she bounces.
Jay can do whatever Charly likes when she rolls on her back. He continues the good fuck while Charly kneels down to receive a doggy pussy beat. This is where they both enjoy their shared pleasures. Charlie lies down on her back once more, seizing the opportunity to suck Jays cock’s juices. Jay waits to get her to press their breasts against one another so he could fuck her in her tits. He then fucks her again with the toy until her hot stepmother cums. Jay continues to fuck Charly until he puts his cock into her mouth. She can then swallow deeply and rub it until it touches her face. Charly, licking her fingers, agrees to keep the secret if Jay continues to fuck her more often.