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This exclusive voyeur site has beautiful women trying on clothes in fitting rooms and masturbating in high-quality scenes and photo sets that update often. Hidden cameras capture beauties getting naked, trying on clothes, spreading their legs and using fingers and toys to make themselves cum. The name FittingRoom might suggest that you’ll be getting voyeur videos of girls getting changed in a fitting room, and that’s not completely false. The site used to focus on those types of videos, and you’ll still find them in the mix, but now there’s a huge focus on lingerie and pantyhose fetishes, with plenty of masturbation and posing. There’s a mix of girls ranging from teens to MILFs, too and you can watch them strip and play with their vibrators in all type of locations. A girl in lingerie can be even sexier than a babe in the buff. These lingerie fetishism scenes focus on beautiful women taking off their clothes, modeling bras, panties, stockings and pantyhose before masturbating with dildos and vibrators.
As you may have guessed from the sitename, Fitting Room’s scenes often take place in a fitting room. The site started out with a voyeur theme – a hidden camera captured girls changing and masturbating – but now they’ve expanded their repertoire. There’s the Pantyhose series, where girls pose in stockings and pantyhose while playing with their pussy. The MILF series has more mature pornstars getting in on the action. The overall focus is now definitely more on lingerie fetishism. The babes whip out their vibrators in different locations: fitting rooms, a garden, the kitchen, their bedroom, and anywhere else they can get off. You can even buy their panties if you’re interested. As fate would have it, the membership area was not only easy to operate, but it also had the kind of elegant aesthetic one would expect after sampling their wares on the tour. A great example of this would be the thumbnails for recent updates; they have that eye-catching magazine cover style, which nicely shows off their beautiful and enticing models.
Yes, one thing that became readily apparent was that this site’s casting department is on the ball. The girls, a mix of Euro unknowns and porn stars, are all gorgeous, and, more importantly, have the all natural, svelte physiques needed for a proper Fitting Room shoot. I mean, if we are to fulfill our perverse voyeuristic desires, why not do so with the hottest babes available? It’s a moral imperative. As you might have already guessed, all of these scenes take place in changing rooms, and thanks to cleverly placed spy cameras, we get a front-row seat to their inevitable disrobing. This isn’t grainy security camera footage, either. Expect crystal clear views of these lovely ladies.And to that end, we get a sort of omni-present deal when it comes to their shooting style, with tilted overhead shots trading places with close-ups of shapely booties in the blink of an eye. I quite like this approach, as it allows me to admire these lovely ladies to the fullest. What’s more, their usage of natural sounds was a wise one, too. The music beds many sites undoubtedly would have added would have only killed the natural creepy ambiance that goes along with observing unwitting prey. As is, it’s almost as if we really are spying on these lovely ladies — and in some of their most intimate moments no less. Also, I have to hand it to whoever decided to throw those massive dildos into the fitting rooms. They certainly come in handy in those inevitable masturbation sequences, and if nothing else they are an excellent way to mix things up. Perhaps this content sometimes skirts the line between genuine “fly-on-the-wall” hidden camera footage and masterfully crafted works of studio magic. Yes, some of these camera angles are awfully convenient, and, yes, those fitting rooms are awfully well lit, too, and make no mention of the clientele always being of the stunningly beautiful variety. Nothing quite beats the rush of watching an unsuspecting babe doing her thing in the buff. Fitting Room takes that idea to another level by using grade-A models, a system of cleverly mounted cameras, and guaranteed action in each and every changing room session. And why not? It’s your fantasy, right?