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193 BallBusting, Femdom, CBT videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!
Helena is so stoked to have a set of balls so vulnerable and subject to whatever she wants that she savagely assaults these balls with enthusiastic gusto! Kassondra is very eager to use all of her weight on Bryan’s testicles, she tries to Rupture both of his balls! She weights in at 115 pounds, so she bounces up and down trying to make them POP! On his final of three interviews for a teaching position at a prestigious high school, Mr. Badcock must convince the Superintendent that he has the skills and aptitude for the job of Anatomy teacher. However the Superintendent is so hot, that Mr. Badcock looses his composure and just perves out on her. Mr. Badcock exclaims how much he enjoys leering at his young students, checking out their anatomy and even goes so far as to tell the Superintendent that she has nice juicy breast and great anatomy! The Superintendent is flabbergasted by what she’s hearing dribble out of this obviously disturbed and twisted man… who has no business having access to young girls. Needless to say, this self assured Superintendent takes her knowledge of male anatomy and uses it to teach this looser a lesson he will never forget! She does a 3… 2… 1… punch countdown to his balls to make sure he knows a very hard punch is on its way and that he can’t do a thing to stop her!