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24 CFNM videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

Nude dudes get manhandled by hot fully-clothed women on this good-quality CFNM site. There’s no telling what horny chicks will do with a vulnerable man in his birthday suit. They might point, laugh and call him a pervert, but they might also get on their knees to give him a handjob and/or blowjob. CFNM or Clothed Female Naked Male porn is growing rapidly in the fetish sector of internet porn. CFNM Exposed is an attempt, no doubt, to capitalize on that growing market but comes up very short. I really think the larger network (which is very large) that owns CFNM would be best served to just shut it down as it is a low quality site that doesn’t meet the standards of the others on the network.
CFNM Exposed is a little bit different and although it’s maybe a little bit too reliant on one series of DVD titles, it is at least an attempt at doing something that is a departure from the norm. In terms of porn, it’s quite tame although there is some sex action here. You might find it frustrating that these hot girls cover up a fair bit (but not too much!) but CFNM Exposed was more fun that I expected. The special discount price and the incredible network access makes this an attractive offer.