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Sakura Report – Javrip
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This is the modern movie which reflects the shadow of our society. Dad’s re-marriage breaks down their happy life. The nasty power is sneaking into the average family. My father is pretending working in his office in spite that he was fired. Azusa is a woman who experienced divorce. Both interests has got matched. He has his wife and sister work in hooker’s house, then ask them consolation money. All plan is manufactured by Azusa. In a room in Tokyo, a cute girl is in custody. She is waiting for help with loneliness and fearfulness. The master of custody is a hentai bozo. He will be called “Prince of Custody” later. After the school, cute girls’ plan is beginning. Nasty teachers are their baits. Behind the cute girls, there are men who are planning something evil. After 25 years of marriage life, Asako is bored with her unattractive husband. Then her son is acting like her hasband. The family is colored by forbidden sex. Furthermore, the have much secrets. It is mother’s memory for which nobody wants to remember…