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Thestellargf | – Siterip
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Thestellargf | – Siterip
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An observant cameraman is looking at me. It’s as though I am a little schoolgirl riding her bicycle on a hot summer’s afternoon in her bikini. He films me while I am eating a soft serve vanilla cone in the woods. I notice him staring at me and decide to make it interesting. I push the bikini above my already tight nipples to show him both my full tits. The ice cream melts instantly in response. The ice cream drips over my stomach and body. I keep swirling the cone around my nipples. In my trance, I lower my bikini bottoms and rub the cone over my hot wet pussy. I lay down in plush greenery and the cone covers my clit and pussy, again and again. As I fiss myself with the pointed end the cone, you can clearly hear my pleasure. I am happy to orgasm. Then the voyeur takes a new cone, full of more ice cream, and with me in doggy pose and with the camera right up close, he paints my ass with decorative ice cream. It slowly reaches my stomach and falls onto my skin. You see the goose bumps raise from my parts due to this cold confection. The icecream is then pushed against the anus of my sex as a tease. Then the voyeur hand lays the cone down on my ass so every drip can roll down onto my pussy and legs. The clip is done.