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345 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

Welcome to Biohazard Bitches – the home of the swirly! You thought it was just a prank that school bullies tried out on kids to steal their lunch money? Think again! Its concept has been transformed into a hardcore toilet-based extreme fetish site!
Biohazard Bitches doesn’t just feature these girls getting an impromptu face wash, but it also features plenty in the way of hardcore fucking action, not to mention extreme blowjobs and some extreme facial cumshot action. I think they’re going to need more than a Toilet Duck to clean this lot up!
This site is no longer full of “toilet whores” doing the nasty in the bathroom and, actually, they look to have removed most of the movies with that original theme anyway. Biohazard Bitches is an intense experience that starts the moment its tour page appears on your screen. For example, you’ll see a naked chick with a toilet plunger in her face, a babe with a dick in her mouth and two fingers holding her nostrils closed, and some hot gal on all fours in a bathroom with her head stuck through the hole in the toilet seat. This is no walk in the park, people. Whilst most great minds are happy to be curing diseases or coming up with psychological theorems, some others prefer to put their powers into inventing porn niches. Anybody suggesting that the makers of Biohazard Bitches aren’t in some ways geniuses are obviously wrong – the title itself is destined for greatness. It is an extension of the extreme niches that are becoming steadily more prominent, and ultimately ends up serving a lot of the more extreme niches just as well as the crapper based idea that this site centers around.
Biohazard Bitched is a website for those who love extreme sex. Indeed, what you are going to watch is hardcore sex. Don’t worry they love to be dominated, nothing excites them more! Sasha Grey, Katsuni, Taylor Rain are the kind of girls who are not afraid of anything. As long as there are dicks, they agree to everything. Even deep throats that make them choke! There are a lot of filthy whores inside the BioHazard Bitches members area getting fucked in the ass and gagging on huge cocks. The featured members area is full of pure filth that can be viewed in both low and high res movies and accompanying video stills. The makers of Biohazard Bitches have made great strides with a very unique and original concept and have posted some solid updates so far in the life of this site. Unfortunately the updating seems to have stopped, a while back. It’s best viewed as an all-round extreme hardcore site, and as such it really isn’t too bad at all. It will have to be careful of repetition, but the girls seem willing and able and a couple have already been invited back more than once.