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These chicks are willing to do anything to be porn stars. When they get the chance to audition they grab it with both hands – literally. These girls strip naked, suck big dicks, and get fucked real hard until their faces and tits are covered in hot white cum. The movies are filmed and filed and who knows, maybe some of these hot amateurs will end up in real pornos!

First Time Auditions does the the ‘tricking’ and audition niche very well indeed. There is some really well executed hardcore content and some really stunning amateurs on this site. The site has also shown some decent growth since our last look. It certainly isn’t lacking in quality with regard to its videos, and it also isn’t really lacking in quantity of updates either. I would just like to see them be a little more experimental with its content as it certainly has the personnel to do so. Great discount price and bonus content ! All had to do to get young, gorgeous girls to come to their auditions is to put ads in local papers. These girls will do whatever it takes to become famous, even if it means stripping down and fucking a hard cock for cash. The girls are mostly 18-23 years old and smoking hot! Each audition starts off with the basics – the money and the taping – but soon it progresses into sex talk and the girls quickly clue in to how they are going to become famous. First Time Auditions is part of the Reality Kings Network – which is probably one of the top 3 most popular and well-known porn production networks in the world. With that being said you probably have a good idea of what you are getting into before even reading the review – super hot chicks, well-filmed hardcore, high-quality and exclusive content. But let me take you through it all and then you can go sign up (or, spoiler alert… just go sign up now).