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Ava Parker is currently studying for an exam in the living-room. Kristen Scott walks in, and she notices that Ava Parker is doing homework. Not wanting to interrupt her, she apologizes and gets up to leave. Ava stops her and tells her that she needs to talk to her about something. Ava is in love with a boy from her class and wants him to date her. Kristen asks Kristen to identify the man. Ava is able to see his interests and she tells him what he should do. Ava isn’t sure how to execute her plan, but Kristen has a whole day ahead of her. She excuses herself. Kristen is getting ready for her date back in her bedroom. Ava doesn’t like the news that Kristen is going out on a date the same guy she has a crush. Ava storms into Kristen’s room demanding an apology. Kristen claims that she intended to tell Ava. But Ava knows a liar from a distance. She asks her if this is the dress she was going to wear on her date tonight as she attempts to rip it off of her. With the dress now ruined, Kristen rips off Avas shirt. The girls wrestle on the mattress. They fight to get the better of each other and tear each others’ clothes. Kristen grabs Ava by the throat and puts her on her back to restrain her. Ava has no choice but to take control of the situation and eat Kristens pussy. Kristen gets up from Kristen and asks what she’s doing. Ava shares with Kristen that Ava has been interested in her for a while, and that is the reason she’s jealous. Kristen is shocked and humbled that a man almost ended their friendship. The girls are likely to stay in tonight!