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Celeste Mulet is one of the hottest and wildest chicks on the web. The last time Celeste and Sophia spent some time together, they hit it off right out of the starting gate. Celeste is one of those amazingly hot blondes that can’t get enough action for her pretty pink pussy! This babe will stuff anything into her cunt as long as it gives her sexual pleasure. We have some of the hottest exclusive scenes that will make your jaw drop and get your cock get very fucking hard.
One of my complaints about some of the individual model sites out there is the fact that we don’t really get to know much about the model herself (besides what she looks like naked). At I Love You Celeste, this is the definitely not a problem.
ILoveYouCeleste provides lots of opportunity for members to get to know her. Some of her scenes don’t involve much nudity and she just talks to the camera. She tells us stories about how she met her friends, what’s going on in her life, crazy experiences at the strip club where she works, etc.