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Erotic connections occur when you touch the body using sensual oils, soapy baths and creamy Nuru body-to-body massage. From relaxation to passionate orgasmic release, here you will find beautiful, elegantly-filmed sensual massage videos. These exclusive full-length films will educate, entice, stimulate and arouse your senses as you experience the pleasures of a truly satisfying and intimate erotic connection.

There is a lot of body touching going on in these scenes and it isn’t all just done in a lead up to sex. These are long and erotic massages that explore various techniques and styles and teach as well. That isn’t to say some of the massages don’t lead to BJs and hot sex – because they sure do! It’s all in HD too. But the site is too small to be worth it. There is Nuru and Turkish and yoni massage techniques being explored and in case you want to learn more about them a voice-over cuts in every so often to describe the specific massage and provide information. The movies all come as both full-length files and in clips and given how lengthy the scenes are that clips option is a nice feature. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other helpful features. You can’t sort the movies, there is no rating system and you can’t save your favorites or leave comments.

It’s time to re-enter the world of erotic massages courtesy of Touch The Body. There is more massage and baby oil spread around this site than you will find in a whole warehouse of the stuff! Things are about to get slippery! Obviously, with all sensual slipping and sliding, things very quickly turn sexual and you will be able to see just how sexual things become when these models have finished rubbing each other into a horny frenzy! Touch The Body is a site that is quite interesting in terms of the fact that it really embraces massage and tries to make it into a site that is as much about the massaging as it is about the sex. For the reason, it does stand out as something pretty different and then the sex then happens to be really hot as well. There’s no doubt that huge selection of bonus sites happens to be the star turn though.