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Public Nudity Exposed / – Siterip
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15 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

PublicNudityExposed – You wont believe what this girls do in public!Are you in the mood for a little public nudity? What about a LOT of public nudity? Public Nudity Exposed will bring you all the best with a sexy twist. This is a very different site with a really refreshing take on the whole public nudity idea. Let’s go inside and see exactly what it’s about. There’s no hardcore fucking on this site, but that’s not really the point anyway. It’s all about exhibitionism, and watching these girls flash people in public places. They put really fun twists on it, and it’s very different and cute. The girls aren’t ashamed at all, and you’re just glad that the cops weren’t around to shut the whole thing down!
The first girl you’ll see on the main page is Anna, a hot brunette with the word “SLUT” tattooed above her ass. Talk about telling it like it is! She loves to expose herself wherever she goes, whether it’s on the beach, on the playground, or in the streets. She’s like the girl next door but with a really naughty streak, nice firm tits, tight little body… But let’s take a look at some of the other girls. There are a total of eleven who want you to come outside and get naughty! Serena is a really bad girl. She’s got a ton of tattoos all over her body, her nose is pierced, and she wears a blonde wig. Her cute little puppy is her only prop, and she shows off her ass in all of her galleries and videos. She’s definitely one of my favorites! I loved watching her roll around on the hood of a car, and it was especially fun to see her get totally uninhibited walking down the street drinking a cup of coffee, all the while pulling up her skirt to show off her naughty little Hello Kitty panties! What a bad girl!
Public Nudity Exposed promises the adventures of the photographer who captures on film, women who flash in public. The welcome page has three short trailers with crazies flashing the public, store keepers, and passerbyes. Inside, members have longer versions of the trailers with mostly good looking sluts showing pussy and ass, with an occasional masturbation. Whether or not these are amateurs are for the viewer to determine. Public Nudity Exposed is a good place for laughs. Sad, but true, we tend to laugh at crazies and people who push the envelope. If that’s you, the public nudity, exposed pussy, tits, and asses of the models is a big drawer. Navigation is a piece of cake, with the ability to save movies to disk. Unfortunately, you can not download the stills in a batch mode. Oh, and download times are reasonable. The extras are a drawer if you’re the shy and retiring type. Overall, this is a good place to be.