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222 Dirty Talk, Interview, Ghetto, Facial, Fetish, Posing, Handjob, Ugly, Bizarre, Blowjob, Cumshot videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

Be Prepared to Scare Your Mind! Cracker Jack shows shocking videos of Real Hood Rats confessing to their lives. Hear the insane stories of street life and depraved sex. Once you’re done here, there’s actually quite a bit more to see on their other sites. Plus, with the glory holes and other debauchery that goes on, the crazy action kind of continues on those sites as well. They have some unique sites and content, and you could have some fun checking the rest out. A lot of sites have some fun ideas for porno content, but can’t really follow through on them. That’s not the case here at all. These girls totally fit the ghetto theme, and many seem to be actual drug addicts or crazies if you ask me. It makes the scenes that much dirtier than usual for sure.
Homeless addicts, hood rats and fucked-up amateur gals confess about how crazy their messed-up lives are, all while sucking dick and fucking for a bit of cash on this nasty but worthwhile website. Join Cracker Jack on his travels as he interviews the down-and-out before, during and after fucking them. These stories shock, but the good-quality hardcore rocks!Ghetto Confessions is one of the few true reality sites out there. This is reality with a capital “R” as Cracker Jack takes us into the ghettos, trailer parks and slums of America, interviewing and fucking drug-addicted and fucked-up chicks who have truly led a hard-knock life. Although GhettoConfessions previously went under a different name, they haven’t cleaned up their act or gone mainstream in any way. The ladies he finds are still as messed up as ever and the stories you’ll hear them tell about their lives will still shock you in their truth and consequence.
Ghetto Confessions is one of the strangest sites I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. The content: actually interviews with crack whores and fucked-up prostitutes. Let me tell you, this is sordid and vile stuff, and consequencely, interesting as hell. The ladies, as you can imagine, are broken disgusting skanks; their ages, any one’s guess; they look sixty, but could very well be forty. Hard living and hard fucking has taken its toll on these fallen women, with wild eyes and grassy hair, these broads have seen better days. In each scene, half the time is spent learning the foul (and amusing) details of a street hooker’s life; the drugs, the dangers, the sex, the money, and- of course- the drugs. The other half of the time our noble cameraman/interviewer, Cracker Jack, gets blown; these down-and-out ladies go to work in the only trade they know- cock sucking. It’s certainly not an interrogation technique you’d see on 60 Minutes, but it’s definitely an in-depth approach. This site is not for the morally inflexible. Warning: ‘Some viewers will definitely be offended.’ And oh yeah, the women are nasty. If you want bizarre, this is it! If want polluted pussy, this is it! Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get an STD from just watching this shit. Cracker Jack, I hope you have life insurance.