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Despite what its name would have you believe, this site doesn’t focus on just one wife, but instead brings you a bunch of hot and horny wives who can mostly be seen sucking dick and fucking. It’s too bad that the footage isn’t as high in quality as it used to be. Also, the dates may not accurately reflect its real update schedule. You do get bonuses at least. Given the name of the site, you might expect This Wife to be focused on a single married lady. As it turns out, there are actually a bunch of different women featured here. The babes are all beautiful and quite horny too. There’s really nothing fancy about ThisWife’s design. It’s got a black background and very basic menus. It won’t win any prizes for its look, but getting around is pretty easy, so it gets points for that. You start off on the first page of updates or the movies section and the other pages are never more than a click or two away.
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