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Sometimes I wake up in the morning, make a hot cup of coffee, and start getting so excited about the day that I couldn’t help but to tease my pussy. I can’t think of a better way to start the day. Now I’m here building something of myself to share with you, from things like the sex I have with friends and strangers in my clip store, to my thoughts and opinions on other topics in my blog posts, along with some pretty dope photo sets. I wanna tell you I’m a one woman show running this website myself. No sugar daddy’s. No webmaster. Just me. From behind the scenes work such as the website design, funding, updates, video editing, making the porno music, writing the scripts, picking the outfits, it’s all my job title. I am very proud to share my work on this website with you and I want you all to know that this has been all created by myself, Riley Reid. Fuck yea bitches!
ReidMyLips is a collection of Riley’s scenes that she has created herself. This means that the porn on this site is arguably the best porn Riley has ever made, and she makes some of the best porn already. But because every scene on this site has come out of Riley’s own brain, she is enjoying herself a lot!
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