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Fakedrivingschool.com – Siterip
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our one stop shop for sex and driving lessons. “Don’t keep your distance!” is the motto at FakeDrivingSchool.com! Lola came in for her first lesson today, and I hate to admit it, but I’m not sure this chick should be on the road at all! She couldn’t find ten and two on the steering wheel, could barely reach the clutch, and had trouble finding the strength to move the handbrake. A lost cause if I ever saw one! When I tried to turn her down, Lola wasn’t having any of it, though. She needed some freedom from her parents and was willing to do anything to get her license. She put her hand on my knee and made a comment about being touchy feely, so I suggested that if she put her hand on something else, I might be able to give her a few free lessons! Lola hadn’t had sex in three days, so after she gave me an impressive blowjob, she was stripping off to ride my massive cock. I gave her a couple of nice squirting orgasms with my fingers, then I came all over her beautiful face and told her to lick up every last drop.