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34 HD videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

The best ALS Trip ever. Just check out this amazing lineup of models. Alex said it is by far his best work ever. We brought the hottest American models with the hottest European models and put them together in the warm Caribbean sun and it was pure sexual energy between the girls. We had one rule for the girls: have a good time and be themselves. This time we are going to present the sets exactly as they occurred. Natural interruptions would happen during shooting and this time we are leaving them in; you will see it all. ALS Members get special access to detailed private stories (via the Director’s Blog) and lots of behind the scenes photos and videos of things the girls did both on the set and after hours. We ran the cameras almost all of the time and filmed these girls as never seen before. The girls all lived, slept, ate, drank, and partied together for 7 days. Sure there were problems, some girls got mad, and little issues occurred – it is all detailed and exposed inside the ALS Members section Director’s Blog. We discuss the girls sleeping habits, what we all did in the evenings, what the girls ate, and every little detail about things that happened. For example, you will get stories like how we got chased on the highway by a crazy lady who got really mad when she saw us filming the girls P’ing on the side of a busy road. The stories about how the cops were called on us 2 different times for public indecency?. and so much more. The full stories are only available to ALS Scan members, and based on the comments so far from our existing members, ALS Scan is the best site in the world! Carli Banks, Nella, Jana Foxy, Zuzana Z, Faith, Amy Lee.