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The oldest known pornography movies. Sometimes it’s no harm to look back through the vistas of the past, since fore-time is all about charming girls, smiley and naturally pretty, the romance which survived even in porn. You will see original videos with fine retro girls. What did our grandfathers watch in the absence of their grandmothers? Well, our grandparents were excited by portraits of Ilyich, there was nothing else to see, but the “imported” old people – quite young at the time – were soaking their lumps in the black and white footage of that time’s prone, filmed in what quality.
Retro Porn Archive is a vintage retro movies and photo collection site that is for true admirers of smut from yesteryear. Unlike most ‘vintage’ porn sites that settle for a few videos they have ported across from VHS tapes from the 1980s, this really is a genuine vintage collection. Ranging its collection from the 1900s to the 1960s, you will find hidden gems, obscurities and oddities that you may never have seen before. is a site for those looking for something more than a quick hardcore thrill or pictures of pretty ladies – although this site fulfil those criteria too if you have a taste for vintage porn. Thankfully steering clear of the post-VHS era as it has been done to death by many other sites, it is a large and thoroughly detailed and in-depth look at several largely ignored naughty decades. It’s not often a porn site is educational – but this is my kind of education!
Retro Porn Archive is a true vintage porn site. While most retro porn sites think that content from just over 10 years ago counts as being retro, this site really does give you proper vintage porn. With porn videos and photos that date back well over 100 years ago, and featuring an archive right up to and including the last 1960s, this is a site that is for those truly interested in porn history. Retro Porn Archive is a site that really will prove to be very interesting to anyone that has even just a passing interest in the history of porn and older pornography in general. It covers a very good time period as well as the fact that it is seemingly interested in finding rarities and stuff that people might have hiding away in their basements or attics. Interesting and very impressive.
If you enjoy vintage erotica, then you’ll love the photos and videos found inside Retro Porn Archive. This site includes a wide variety of black & white erotica, including both hardcore and softcore pictures and videos. This is the porn your grandparents got off to, and it’s still fun to look at today. Go back to the beginning of pornography when the film stock was black and white and shooting dirty pictures could get you arrested. Watch old-time stag films dating back to the birth of pornography and throughout the first half of the 20th century. The films may be grainy, but the action is certainly hot and it’s a worthwhile site if you like classic porn. Not everyone is interested in seeing the new niches and quickie fucks currently offered on the Web. In fact, some people love the classics and on Retro Porn Archive, you get access to all those wild collections from the past. What I love about the design is that it reflects the type of old-style content you’ll find here. A good percentage of the movies are black and white, but there are some color films that were made in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. A nice thing about the website is that it allows you to filter the vids by the decade in which they were produced or by what they feature. This makes finding content that’ll appeal to you almost effortless.