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6 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!

Crazy girls get sexual revenge on men with blackmail, hard face sitting, jeans face sitting, ass feedings, trampling, feet and shoes destruction, ballbusting. As if Orderly Scott already hasn’t had enough, Nurse Holl continues his punishment. She makes him lie on a solid steel cart and smothers him with her ass.
BDSM porn is tricky. It’s not like mainstream hardcore porn where you pretty much have to just show the genitalia doing what they normally do and that’s it. Special interest porn is about the setting, the characters, the relationship between them, about what’s going on behind the visual side. For a discerning fetish porn consumer, choosing the next site to check out can be difficult. Well, this is exactly what we are here for, right? We have something for you here that we think may help you see that today’s fetish erotica is not completely hopeless.
It’s a very special site called Patient’s Revenge. Evidently it was built by people who want to make a difference in online adult entertainment. Not only are they about quality before quantity, they want to be the original pioneers. Patient’s Revenge is a limit-pushing site that is built around a pretty crazy concept. Crazy literally, we may add. It’s a femdom thing going on here, and the women are mental hospital patients teaming up to exercise some revenge on the ward. Patient’s Revenge is the new generation SM site that elevates SM erotica to a whole new level. Get an account right now and download away! Young, hot, completely mean, nasty, and quite literally crazy, these girls will stop at nothing to get their femdom fix. Check out Patient’s Revenge right now to support what’s hottest and coolest in BDSM porn today!