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Grossmuttergerdanrw / MyDirtyHobby – Siterip
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7  German, Amateur, Posing, Deutsche, MDH videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!
Hello my dear ones, I am the grandmother Gerda and recently separated from my husband after 25 years of marriage. Unfortunately, I have not experienced much in my marriage, almost monogamous I lived the marriage for 25 years. I will tell you a short story, why I came to this portal. 3 years ago I wanted to take a cure for about 6 weeks. When I found a nice quiet place, I was also glad that there were only people my age in my environment. After a few weeks I got to know a very young sympathetic masseur. Not only did he have talented magic hands when massaging, but he was also shyly sweet and very reserved. The young man did not leave my thoughts for days. So I decided to have a massage with him regularly. During the massage I just turned around and asked him if he could also massage my neck tension (which I did not have) ;-), when I turned around he greedily looked at my chest. I said to him if he would find my tits beautiful and if he likes he may also like to touch you. Slowly he massaged me from the neck towards my chest and massaged them. His excitement was clearly visible in his pants. It started so suddenly and spontaneously. Greedily we kissed all over our bodies and his manhood penetrated me with feeling. He was hard but also very tender. This experience moved me to separate from my husband. I want to experience much more that I had missed all these years. I ask you to help me. I am looking for serious contacts, younger or older, as long as the chemistry is right. So my dear men haut in the keyboards and writes to me.