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24 Femdom, Fetish, Strapon, Facesitting, Dildo, Fisting, Ballbusting, CBT, Cuckold, Forced Bi, Bukakke videos. Here is a spoiler: You will find the download links as well as the links to view the videos online.
My sister and me are very upset about our pet slave. He is both poor and dumb, and could not spoil Us with tuition, diamonds, and Property, like My other slave “tuition slut” can afford to. This slave must see how insignificant and useless he truly is. This poor loser can only be freed from chastity when he is paying attention at 6 months.. He hasn’t produced anything for Us so he must suffer! This pet slave is SCRATCHED by TWO GORGEOUS HALLF-NAKED WOMENS and is forced to THANK US for his PAIN AND SUFFERING. Let us SCRATCH the poor loser until it splits open and drips RED. We don’t care about his suffering and moaning. We want to see more RED! Our sexy Fingernails, which are incredibly long and squishy, can actually be heard tearing the skin under Our Sharp Claws. We agree to allow this poor, inept loser to touch his pathetic cock. Our Wicked Claws make this slave stroke his dick. With each stroke of his cock we are stroking the back with our Dangerous Nails. The slave will never be able enjoy his brief moment in chastity. Every time his cock gets harder, We destroy his pleasure by delivering PAIN. We Scratch his RED and DRipping back while he attempts to pleasure himself. Let’s see if he is willing to be put in pain by us.