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My name is Tawni. Welcome to my website. I’m the tall blonde. I’m a happily married woman who lives with my husband and two dogs in a quiet suburb along the Atlantic Ocean. I’m also a cuckquean, cumslut, kitten who enjoys watching my husband fuck other women in front of me. As a matter of fact, I like it so much that I started filming it. And that’s where this website was born.
I’m a complicated woman. Allow me to explain. I’m a cuckquean. This means that I like it when my Daddy fucks other, younger women in front of me. I like the complicated feelings of jealousy and ecstasy that can only be found by watching your significant other fuck someone else.
I’m a cumslut. This means that I like it when my Daddy sprays his cum all over us, or pumps it deep inside our fertile pussies. I like the Daddy’s cum feels and tastes and smells and I love sharing it with my girlfriends. I’m a kitten. This means that I like wearing my ears and tail and curling up in my fuzzy kitten bed. Daddy and I enjoy a DD/lg lifestyle 24/7 and have been poly for many years now.