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58 videos. Above in spoiler you can find the links for download and as well for watch the videos online!
If you prefer your ladies showing their underwear rather than naked then you are in the right place. There’s plenty of upskirts sets sometimes with the ladies knickers on and sometimes pulled aside. Some of them won’t take them off; others will play with themselves using their fingers or toys or even gloves and other items. They go from looking so smart and elegant to being slutty whores. There’s slips galore, downblouse views, stockings everywhere, two girl sets, some bondage and more. Some sets are indoors, very formal, some voyeuristic, some outside with a good degree of flashing.
Have you ever looked at a beautiful woman and wondered what was lurking beneath her skirt? Perhaps she was that cute secretary in your office or a sexy lady you saw in the super market. When you saw her did you think that these elegant babes had heaven hidden in their panties? If any of these circumstances happened to you, then you might want to check out Retro Glamour. On this site, members will see some of the most beautiful women—dressed in elegant and sexy outfits that make them look like they’ve stepped out of the past—in incredible upskirt movies and pics. These are ladies of all ages who want to show you what they have lurking under their slips, skirts and panties. And they just can’t wait for you to take a peek.
The girls, most of which are models appear to be fresh and quite a majority of them are older ladies, commonly called MILFs. They are usually elegantly dressed, some of which looked to be well-dressed for a dinner party. Some shots are taken in the living quarters of a home, others were taken outside and obscure environment. The girls seem very comfortable and excited, they pose for the camera and happy as they make smile and make funny to straight faces to the camera. This can only be gotten through experience. Their are a variety of different women on this site. There are girls of all ages, from young women all the way to more mature women. And there are a variety of different hair colors and body types represented among the women on this site.This site isn’t without its flaws. It’s members area and content looks somewhat dated—even though it’s not—and most of its collection is picture content. While these probably aren’t deal breakers for most people, they are something that should be considered. Thus for those teasing encounters where you are not directly shown the full frontal but there is a lot of foreplay with the underwear on before showing off their assets, retro-glamour is the ultimate getaway.